Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events (14th - 16th of January, 2018)

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US reveals 'digital dollar' plan amid fears of bitcoin crackdown


US Treasury Secretary have revealed that the US Government is keeping a "close eye" on the crypto market following the meteoric rise of the crypto currencies.

Mr Mnuchin revealed that he had several fears over the currency boom. He said his major concern was making sure "bad people cannot use these currencies to do bad things".

He also said that US government was investigating how to "track activities" for bitcoin.

Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events

January 14

tron.png TRON (TRX) $0.095849 USD (-11.79%)

  • Partnership Announcem - TRON will announce partnership with a very prestigious public listed company

experience-points.png Experience Points (XP) $0.002127 USD (-24.51%)

  • 2018 New Roadmap

pivx.png PIVX (PIVX) $11.84 USD (-9.52%)

  • 2018 Roadmap

enjin-coin.png Enjin Coin (ENJ) $0.333689 USD (-12.69%)

  • Custom Token Integration

colossuscoinxt.png ColossusCoinXT (COLX) $0.011783 USD (-20.57%)

  • Block Reward Halving - Block 151200 will bring rewards down from 2500 to 1250 per block

January 15

guppy.png Matchpool (GUP) $1.15 USD (-10.87%)

  • Matchpool will distribute a token named QGUP for GUP holders. 1 GUP = 1 QGUP.

cardano.png Cardano (ADA) $0.796505 USD (-8.40%)

  • Cardano Webcast

substratum.png Substratum (SUB) $1.87 USD (-15.53%)

  • Platform Launch

bitcoin-gold.png Bitcoin Gold (BTG) $292.84 USD (-8.37%)

  • Important Announcement: "We are going to announce important information for the FUTURE OF BITCOIN GOLD."

bytom.png Bytom (BTM) $0.590484 USD (-10.90%)

  • Partnership Announcement - Bytom collaborate with 8btc launched online stream of “artificial intelligence friendly POW algorithm verified global release.

Please trade with caution, and only use money you can afford to lose.

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I am excited about Substratum. It think it will be a next big thing.

Thanks for posting this! It is nice to have these beacons in the future to look forward at to help us HODL.

Thanks for reading :)

Great post carry on dear bro @stylo