Nucypher (NU)....Getting ready to pop....or???

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I have been following #nucypher (NU) for quite some time now, and I think that it has become more and more interesting.....So I have been buying the last couple of days...($0.56 average price)...

It has been #trading sideways for some time, in the area $0.50-0.60 tending to follow #bitcoin swings. There is a massive resistance in the area around $0,66, it has been testet a few times now, latest today with decent volume...It has been rejected every time.
Looks like there i a lot of support in the $0.45-0.50 area, this has also been testet a couple of times...

Being a small marketcap #coin, this could easily skyrocket if the massive resistance is finally broken...I'm placing my bet, saying this will happen within a very short period of time....If the general #crypto mood is positive of course....

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Let's see what happens....Let me know if you are trading this #altcoin too :-)

This is not financial advice, just my own trading ideas


Hola, te comparto mi analisis.
En mi opinion, esperaria un retroceso a la zona de los 0.4$, y aqui, dependiendo de la accion del precio, podria pensar en entrar en largo.
Gracias por compartir esta oportunidad de entrada.

Hello, I share my analysis.
In my opinion, you would expect a pullback to the $ 0.4 area, and here, depending on price action, you might consider going long.
Thank you for sharing this entry opportunity.

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Thanks for sharing your point of view...maybe you are right...