We Are In Uncharted Territory

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Simply put, we are living in a time future generations will study to understand how they got where they are. The world is changing and it is moving quick.

COVID sped things up faster than we ever thought. CEOs who would have never considered running a virtual office and using Zoom to meet with employees are now doing just that. So much changed in a year.

We are rapidly moving to a truly digital world and find ourselves in uncharted territory. The new horizon couldn't be more evident than in the value of Bitcoin.

In 2017, Bitcoin hit an all time high just under $20,000 fueled mostly by speculative retail investors, but it showed signs of what it could become. The asset then crashed and fell all the way down to $3,200. Big money and institutional investors laughed at it.

Now, Bitcoin set new all time high again at $26,000 a day after setting a new high at $25,000 on Christmas day. The irony is this run is being fueled by institutional money moving into the crypto space.

As money flows into Bitcoin, it will inevitably feed into the alt-coin market and fuel the next wave of blockchain innovation.

The beautiful thing about being in uncharted territory is that we get to blaze a new path. We can shape the future. In the past, you supported companies with your money and unless you owned stock, you didn't get anything back. Now with the blockchain, it is possible to support projects by being active on their platforms and engaging in the community. The difference is, you can be rewarded with cryptocurrency. It's almost backward to the system that is currently in place. With the blockchain, the people come first.

We are moving quick, but this new territory could be incredible for humanity and bring resources and opportunity to places void of prospects for generations.

COVID has been devastating to economies, families and to our basic need to be social, but there could be a silver lining. The global pandemic sped up the move to a digital world, and the opportunities we can chart are rather exciting.

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