Nandibear - free Bitcoin Cash 0.01 BCH giveaway #27

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Wishing everyone a happy, healthy New Year!

Read the book, seen the movie and know people who went to school with the author: The Serpent and the Rainbow: A Harvard Scientist's Astonishing Journey Into the Secret Societies of Haitian Voodoo, Zombis and Magic by Wade Davis. Nandibear passport number 2020001302

Here's the BCH keys! (free 0.01 Bitcoin Cash (BCH))!

Please scan the private key below and sweep the 0.01 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into an address of your own.

We suggest using the wallet app (but please feel free to use any wallet which supports BCH), a fully featured non-custodial wallet which gives users complete and sole control over their funds. You may download the wallet application (Android, iOS and browser extension / add-on) here

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Some other places you can find the Nandibear include: nandi bear luke

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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A very happy new year sir. I just search the name of the book and got a movie released in 1988. And it's a horror fantasy/thriller movie. I will watch the movie as know about the book. Thanks again for another great Bitcoin Cash Giveaway.

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