Nandibear - free Bitcoin Cash 0.01 BCH giveaway #30

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Late supper tonight for the Nandibear!

Hey fellow Steemians! I'm not certain how healthy these Aidells smoked sausages but I have eaten them a good number of times and they seem a lot healthier than other brands.

Not much time to write tonight!

If you have any questions in regard to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or other coins, tokens or decentralized applications please let me know in the comments!

Please find the BCH keys below! (free 0.01 Bitcoin Cash (BCH))!

Please scan the private key below and sweep the 0.01 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into an address of your own.

We suggest using the wallet app (but please feel free to use any wallet which supports BCH), a fully featured non-custodial wallet which gives users complete and sole control over their funds. You may download the wallet application (Android, iOS and browser extension / add-on) here

Want to create your own Bitcoin Cash (BCH) paper wallet? Please visit:

Some other places you can find the Nandibear include: nandi bear luke

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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Good Night sir. Have a healthy foods. Thanks again for the great Bitcoin Cash Giveaway.

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