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RE: EOS Fratricide or Family Dynasty?

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Thanks for the article Stan. Excited for the BTS and EOS future.

srill trying to get my head around BENCH and how it fits in. I know it will be the highway that connects all blockchains, but:

is it Bitshares 3.0 or a completely separate project chain ?
Does it have its own token or use the BTS token ?
If it uses BTS, token, to use BENCH will you need to buy BTS and use this to convert from one blockchain to another ?

If you could clear these up that would be great

Thanks for all your hard work in the community


"BitShares 3.0" is a code name for a family of projects that are seeking to advance BitShares technologies in various ways. Each is an independent team with independent goals. We are encouraging all but endorsing none until they are ready for prime time and their utility and impact is more clear.

Bench is a project of Bench Labs which is one of the more high-risk-high-payoff concepts we have seen. It's up to them to decide what to release and when.

Thanks for reply Stan but with respect it didn't address any of the questions. As a long term investor and supporter of BTS Im sure you can appreciate the need to get answers to these questions.

Like I say I don't mean to sound rude or unappreciative, but just want to understand where BENCH fits in or if it's something completely separate to BTS


So do we. Time will tell. :o)

Ok I'll just need to be patient lol

Thanks for reply