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RE: EOS Fratricide or Family Dynasty?

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Does anybody knows what EOS stand for?
Broke Peers owns block one, if EOS fails who will make the most money?
Remember Bitconnect?
Don't believe me, do your own research.


Gotta love those who will take some facts and misspeak them, twist them to a different story and then report it as fact and then say look it up, it's true. Well, I did just that after watching 1:27 of the video and found how this individual twisted everything up and lost all credibility in my eyes for ANYTHING that's to follow in his video. The only thing I agree with that he said is DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and get the facts straight if it doesn't seem to make sense. Sad.

Yes, doing the research is imperative, however, you must remember Brock Peers owns block number one and if EOS fails he stands to get a fortune due to the fact that he owns the most ETH,. I did listen to the whole video and everything he said about Mr. Peers is documented for anyone who cares to research it. To me the owner of a Company must have integrity, because crocked companies means looses for those who ignorantly buy into it. Did lie again?? In March 2018 announced that Brock Pierce was leaving the company after John Oliver exposed his past involvement in dark deeds with children...yesterday Pierce gave a long speech about the greatness of EOS to a large crypto audience in Beverly Hills.He never left block one, now his wife is now forming a super node, he will own 4 super nodes. we want dis centralization.