XRP Ripple is live on XBTS DEX Exchange!

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XRP was created by Ripple 7 years ago to be a speedy, less costly and more scalable alternative to both other digital assets and existing monetary payment platforms like SWIFT.


XRP Ripple is live on XBTS DEX Exchange!

https://ex.xbts.io/market/XBTSX.XRP_BTS and other pairs are Available!

For Deposit/Withdraw XRP Ripple via Binance Chain BEP2 use https://ex.xbts.io/deposit-withdraw


💻Trading Now on XBTS Dex https://xbts.io

FAQ: How to Trade Crypto On XBTS https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?topic=26813.msg343132#msg343132

Trade In Blockchain. No KYC.

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