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Excited to bring you big news from Newdex, This is a world-leading decentralized exchange, this is an exchange largely known on the EOS blockchain, where almost all tokens on the EOS network get listed and be traded.

The current state of the Newdex platform has failed to allow the expression and carrying out of decentralized trading to the peak, this has one way or the other not following why the exchange was born in the first place which is "born for decentralized trading".

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TO rectify this, Newdex has decided to rename its token from NDX to DEX and also reduce the total supply from 10 Billion to 10 Million due to the low price of NDX, the total supply plan reduction is to improve the value of DEX and have it issued on multi-chains, NDX will be swapped to DEX at 100:1 and this will be done within the 31st of May to the 31st of August.

The listing of the new token DEX will happen after the swap progress reaches 30%. As of the time of writing this article, three pairs of DEX are already available on Newdex,

  • DEX/EOS,
  • DEX/USDT and,
  • DEX/USN.

You can now trade DEX after successfully swapping from NDX to DEX.
Also, note that all swaps will happen only on the Newdex official website HERE, users are advised not to swap through any third-party website or individual.

Newdex is taking its decentralized trading to the next level.
Stay tuned.

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That's really a good news to hear, I have 400 ndx now m gonna swap em to dex. Thanks for the heads up info.