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RE: A use you didn't imagine they give the Blockchain

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Dear @jjqf

When you mentioned this company and their product - I wasn't sure what drove you crazy. I understand that it was in positive sense? :)

It's surely amazing to see growing amount of projects and companies using blockchain technology to move forward with their businesses.

Are you on discord by a chance? I think I've lost my contact to you :(

Also ... I've just noticed that you shared your post a moment ago on our project.hope telegram channel and I was quite amazed to see that this post is already 6 days old.

Try to share link to your posts on our channel faster :) It will make it easier for me.

Perhaps in the future you can post it via project.hope hive ?

That would definetly make it much easier for all of us with so called 'content discovery'. Otherwise it's really hard to accidentaly bump into your articles.

Yours, Piotr


Good morning Piotr, greetings, yes, it seems strange that I share the post a little (quite) late, I know it's not the usual way, but I thought I had done it at the right time (in fact I had already crossed it out of my week).

It was only by chance that I realized that I hadn't sent it and so I decided to send it. As for what you say about the Hive platform of the project, no problem, my next post will be there.

In fact I'm just getting familiar with all this. Because if my brother said and I could see in the little that I have entered in steemit in these days, that there is a lot of movement in that part, only that I have not entered yet in direct contact with it.

As for Discord, if I have moved away a little, but it is for problems a little speed of the Internet, actually last week I had slight problems that made insufferable to load so was ... you can imagine... But as far as possible I will be there too, apart from the telegram channel.

In reference to the post, if I am surprised by the amount of uses that are being given to everything that is the blockchain, I think it's great because this will make many people know the environment and be integrated into this world.

And if, with the use of the blockchain in the olive oil I got something crazy (yes, in a positive way), because I didn't think it could be used for that purpose, I see that there is always something that surprises us in terms of advances and uses of technology.

Without further ado, thank you very much, happy day, afternoon or night✌️

It's me again @jjqf

I just realized that I never actually thanked you for your comment. Big thx.

I would need to ask you for little favour. Recently I've decided to join small contest called "Community of the week" and I desribed our project.hope hive/community. Would you mind helping me out and RESTEEM this post - just to get some extra exposure? Your valuable comment would be also appreciated.

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr