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Today there are many people who want to know and become familiar with the world of the blockchain, the new digital age that every day advances and expands around the world working to achieve the goal of meeting the needs of each user.

However, numerous platforms have been established in the market offering a range of confidence, security and transparency when it comes to streamlining any transaction process, but it is not exactly what it seems, since the lack of knowledge on the part of users, many been involved in scams, therefore, with the passage of time the demands and needs are greater, where each user longs to obtain a stable platform, which manages to maximize and take advantage of the financial value.

Trust is the essence for the development of future successes, a famous character from the world of finance once said: it takes 20 years to build a good reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.

If people like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they will do business with you. Zig Ziglar

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What is BUMO?

It is a commercial category blockchain digital network used to digitize virtual assets, as well as to house the value of these assets. The next generation of the public basic commercial block chain, aims to build a network of trust of ubiquitous value circulation and is committed to build a distributed business ecology of broad digital trust, free circulation of value and application of public exchange.

The main mission is to establish a chain of blocks based on an ecosystem where different digital assets as well as public applications converge with each other. Currently, the number of assets in the top chain for the dozen applications that are being coupled is mainly: the first class of virtual assets that already exist, such as the game field, through which circulation is achieved; The second category is to share economic areas, such as O2O, use the chain of blocks to connect ecological values; The third category is the digitization of assets, which performs the emission and digital commerce with the help of the block chain. BUMO is a basic public domain.


How do BUMO digital assets work?

The network is open and runs automatically; Users can add different slides to the network. The purpose is to create a joint network that is easy to use and maintain where different applications can be developed and its value circulated in order to establish an authentic reliability value in the system.

The platform uses a BCP algorithm that guarantees a solid security in its transactions, the whole platform can support scalability and through the use of the cross-train protocol it guarantees an easy handling of the scalability levels; This is because the system uses the zero knowledge test protocol, which helps to protect virtual assets from computer hacking.

The system works through an intelligent contract and the digital property is distributed free of charge through the blockchain network.


Bumo has wide acceptance, both for intitutions and for the individual form, being able to have participation in the circulation of digital property, when using a socialized diffusion, instead of a single control system.

Bumo users have full freedom to create personalized intelligent contracts, make use of different DAPP and form a complex environment where they can improve their work environment.

The tokens behind Bumo

Basically the bumo network will be powered by a wide variety of different protocol, the provision of an agreement of asset coding will facilitate the use and reuse of the tokens, basically bumo offers the possibility of tokenize any assets, allowing those users to have easy access to your assets, projects and control over your assets.
this initiative allows a broad growth of the community within the blockchain of bumo, the confidence that bumo offers in relation to economic stability and immediate solutions for its users allows the network to grow

the chain of blocks, Bumo employs a consensus protocol of double layer that allows a homogeneous and heterogeneous interaction between several chains of blocks and the most important thing is the scalable one.

Tokenization Protocol

These are the protocols of APT and CTP tokens, with which users can use the blockchain, quickly and easily.

  • Tokenization protocol based on the account

Through this protocol, users can issue tokens efficiently, without the need to create an intelligent contract, by calling the corresponding operation interface of the BUMO block chain.

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  • Contract-based Tokenization Protocol

A contract-based token-issuance feature can be used for more complex applications. BUMO defines the standard contract tokens that will allow the compatibility of various applications between wallet terminals and transaction markets.

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Benefits offered by bumo.

  • Facility and speed, on any type of transaction.
  • promotion for the management of development and growth of commercial values.
  • Safety, reliability and guarantee, for users and associated companies on assets and projects.
  • Wide acceptance and easy handling on different types of tokens.
  • speed and stability over the speed of tramsference with a reduced cost of operation and energy consumption.
  • Eliminate fragmented communication protocols between different devices.

Future vision of Bumo.

BUMO's vision is to create a next generation blockchain for ubiquitous value transfer, which is ready for enterprises to use in high performance

Case of use

John runs an insurance company - HouseSafe. The insurance company provides insurance for damages to homes and properties. HouseSafe is growing and dealing with a greater amount of data. They collect sensor data from households to find patterns that help them determine their premiums.

The HouseSafe CTO, Joanne, is deciding between two block chains to help securely verify the authenticity of the sensor data: Ethereum and BUMO.

After weighing her options, Joanne decides that BUMO has numerous advantages for this application. Each sensor can act as a node! The hardware is already there, with no added costs. With 10,000 transactions per second, the information can be updated in real time.Easy implementation through the use of existing templates in BuVM!

John is happy to be able to integrate BUMO almost at no cost, while offering scalability and performance improvements.

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