Mannabase is now up... blockchain Universal Basic Income just for being human

in #blockchain5 years ago

I am truly fascinated by all the ways blockchain technologies continue to evolve and address aspects of the human condition. How about a grand experiment in the Universal Basic Income (UBI)? Mannabase has just recently come online, I finished the White Paper just a few minutes ago. It seems truly intriguing. Each user will receive an equal part of a weekly distribution simply for the fact that they at a human. I do not claim to know how something like the UBI truly works as an economic tool, but what I appreciate about the idea is how it affirms that there is a basic value and dignity of all human life and perhaps paying attention to that fact would be better for us all.

Registration is pretty pain-free. The risk is nothing to get going... What will come of it, I have no real way of knowing BUT it IS an interesting idea and I could see it as something truly great especially for people in areas of the world where economics are difficult.

Much akin to what drew me to Steemit in the first place, this seems to be another way that people may be better able to care for one another and create something truly good in the process.

Want to take a look? Go here

Screenshot (69).png


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