Priming Fractal Team Start-ups

in #blockchain7 months ago (edited)

One of the main challenges facing our Fractally project is recruiting active participants. This obstacle is being tackled by some incredibly talented Fractally members who are doing great job in this area. However, I would like to introduce a concept akin to priming a pump.

There are many great contributors outside of Fractally contributing to like causes whether it be Bitshares, Eden, Hive, Translation, etc, but these contributors either don't know, are not interested, or are too busy to be bothered with discovering fractally. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink it. Well maybe as they are are staring at their reflection in the water we could take our hand and splash them in the face a bit! How would we do that?
Typically when you prime a pump, you only do it once on start-up and this process takes you from a situation of non-operation to smooth operation via the simple task of priming. Thus I would propose a similar concept. I believe in priming a team via coming to consensus on recognizing someone outside of the fractal team or project who is greatly contributing to the common cause. That Respect could be continually allocated each week at the consensus meeting to whomever it is determined is bringing great value. This balance of Respect could be held in a type of escrow and only available to the individual outside of Fractally if they sign-up and join the weekly team meeting.

Imagine being a content creator or developer and hearing through say telegram, that there is a balance of Respect tokens with your name on them, this would surely create an incentive to join. Once the individual joins I feel confident that they will appreciate and adopt the fractal governance system. Any member outside of Fractally that has a balance allocated to them and still does not join, well after a certain time period the allocated Tokens can go back to the pool. Parameters can be salted to taste via our fractal consensus process.

This method could potentially add the necessary fuel to help all DAO's in the initial start-up phase in Fractally take off!