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RE: A use you didn't imagine they give the Blockchain

in #blockchain3 years ago

Hi @jjqf

here in Venezuela I have not seen products that follow that characteristic, but there are products from other countries that are marketed here, in which it is seen; One of them is the Fructus (known to be toxic for human consumption) and precisely here I show you a photo of its packaging with its QR code.


I do not know if some people have complained, I tried to scan the code and it did not work because of connection failures, in any case I consider it very interesting that companies are starting to give a rational and productive use to the blockchain and I think it is a breakthrough very good important. Great post!


Greetings @reinaldoverdu, thanks for commenting, because I didn't realize that the fructus had qr (the thing is that since I don't consume this kind of products, and thanks to its fame I avoid it haha).

But you are right, nowadays with the great import of products this may come to us in one way or another "accidentally" without necessarily being the target.

If I get a chance to scan the qr of the fruit I will tell you that it came out, who knows if the qr says something like "the consumption of this affects your health" or similar, such as boxes of cigarettes xD.

Without further ado, thanks for reading me, happy day, noon or night✌️