Dashed Lines

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I've been having some personal issue this week and had a huge urge to write poetry. I found out about BlockchainPoets and Prompted by the poem "Behind the Mask" https://peakd.com/hive-161465/@hive-161465/blockchainpoets-weekly-prompt-behind-the-mask I wrote something and drew a picture in Krita on my tablet. Can you guess what mask I hide behind?

Dashed Lines

Dashed Lines.png

Throwing threads into the aether
making no connection or dock.
Pulls on the fishing line tether
are just snags on seaweed and rock.

Went to the beach to build a sandcastle.
Build high walls and towers specked
with shells and wreath of sea tangle tassle.
Waves just left it utterly wrecked.

End of the day, just waving and hailing
a cab through gust street sound metronome.
Buzzed with dirt, dust and swamp just failing
at trying so hard just to get back home.