BlockTrades now supports Hive account creation and Hive Power delegations

We’ve updated our web site to support Hive account creation


You can also now purchase Hive Power delegations (and renew existing ones):



BlockTrades, you are the shit. Thank you for your support on the new platform, I know it's a risky business going out on the New Frontier.

I read your post on Steemit, and I agree wholeheartedly with all of it. It REALLY pissed me off that Steemit went to the shitter when I was first getting started (I joined like a COUPLE DAYS before the acquisition announcement!)

So... I bided time and waited to see what would happen before I started getting committed to the platform. Hive is much better.

I can confirm that the trading is working. I did Hive to ETH a few hours ago, got it within a few minutes as usual.

Thanks blocktrades!

Awesome. Great improvement.

Dope! BlockTrades is all over it today with updates. I will dedicate my next post to spreading the word 😎

Dan and the team at Blocktrades is the real deal.

It is great to see how fast they are advancing with things.

Blocktrades is going help to push Hive to another level.

I love it!

The simplicity of being able to swap tokens will be essential when people who don’t want to learn how to buy/sell on the markets. It’s already a huge convenience for me 👏

Hello @blocktrades, I congratulate you for all this project start, which looks very good and very promising, thank you for all the help and support you give to the platform, I wanted to know how I can buy hive through their platform. The question that I used to buy before was steem through the page of stemit '????????

Our site is We've got it configured so that you can send Hive through hivesigner (and Steem through steemconnect).

They have the resources in place and now it is up to the community to make value for this blockchain.

Just a thought that it might be a good idea to pause developing with HIVE if the cease and desist is going to get legs to warrant another refacing.

Also, will our normal wallet page through the platform be functional in the near term?

Thanks for your help in the big picture.

Normal wallet should be finished very soon.

Normal wallet is working now!

Thank you for thinking of me in your replies.

What do you require to satisfy KYC here in the US?

A photo id (driver license, passport, etc) and a picture of you holding up a piece of paper handwritten with the word "blocktrades" and the day's date on it. Info is name, occupation, address.

good job blocktrades i feel the power with in you

Keep these awesome updates @blocktrades.

Apologies to mention it again, but I hope ETH pair will be ok soon. Thanks!

I love you because I don't need to change to other cryptos first like in other exchanges.

Do you guys ever plan on adding EOS delegation?

Will look into it when we have some time, but our immediate focus is on Hive. Would you be interested in purchasing an EOS delegation if we offered it? Or asking for a friend?

I'd be interested. My EOS account can't do anything because I don't have enough CPU staked. And EOS seems interesting enough to poke around.

I'd be interested in offering my stake for delegation on EOS. (vs, purchasing it)

Any idea how to undelegate HP ?

Previously on Steem you had to delegate "0"SP, I expect the same here.

Yes thank you :) That makes sense. However what would be the custom URL for this. For steem ...steemconnect was used. Is there such a service for Hive as well ?

It looks like we can do it using the wallet on

Steemconnect was ported to hive as

Thanks :)

Wonderful news!
I have been looking for this!

Hi guys, speaking of delegation, I've been trying to undelegate ( both steem and hive) from some dead steem projects and can't figure it out for the life of me. Some tips would be appreciated.

I tried to signup yesterday, but no eMail was ever sent to create my account :(

Check your spam folder

nothing there...

Thanks for the support :)

A few questions for you @blocktrades:

  1. If you create a new account, does the Hive Blockchain give any indication of who (which account) created a new account? Or, is it a fresh/anonymous account that is created?
  2. When you receive delegation for the 90 days, do all the rewards go to the person receiving the delegations? Then the delegations go back to you on the 90th day?
  3. If you send BTC for a 90 day Hive delegation, Is the BTC that you sent your one time fee? Or, do you get the BTC back? (As In a loan so to speak)
    (Sorry just trying to understand how this all works on Hive)
    Thanks For Your Time-

It will only show that blocktrades created the account. It doesn't show who paid for the account.

Oh okay gotcha...Thanks so much @blocktrades...& Fantastic work that you and the team are doing here!
Thank You!

1 yes
2 yes yes
3 one time fee, you don't get the money back, it's a payment for a delegation for the designated period of time

Wonderful @cryptosharon! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions:)

Great to see @blocktrades integration but at the moment the exchange rate seems to be a bit off. Around ~.05 $USDT for 1 $HIVE. Other exchanges are giving around .20. Is there a reason for the pricing?

We have to pay the transaction fee to send USDT (it's about 2x a bitcoin transaction fee). But it's a flat fee, so trying putting in a larger amount and the transfer fee will be ammortized into the overall price.

Great to know, thanks @blocktrades

Hey guys! I've sold 800 HIVE for BTC yesterday and the transaction still not confirmed
Is it normal?
UPDATE: Dont mind my question I just received it ;-)
Thanks for providing this exchange.

Will there be a referral system or bounty?

Does that include payment with Steem?

Could someone buy a Hive account or delegation with Steem?

We don't currently support buying Hive accounts with Steem, but you can convert Steem to Hive, then use the Hive to buy an account. There's a fixed fee of 4 Hive for buying an account, so you won't lose any more by the two step process.

You should work on supporting buying Hive accounts with Steem. Just because it's deliciously hilarious. And there are a ton of people migrating that have Steem.

Not a bad idea, maybe we'll add it.