We'll probably fire up the service briefly again in a couple of weeks on another account, to let any customer who wants to dump through us do so. I'll wait a couple of weeks so that a few powerdowns worth can be used.

can I swap Steem in Hive again in the future?

We plan to enable the service again briefly in a couple of weeks, for anyone who doesn't want to use a trade-matching exchange.

good news. I like your service and hope to be able to exchange all my steem

I really like blocktrades and I am hoping I can make the clean jump on as many of my coins as possible. It would be kinda awesome if I end up getting a huge chunk of Hive when I do. 20k hive would be pretty awesome...

I don't want to use exchanges at all; just blocktrades.

@blocktrades, I don't know how to use a trade-matching exchange and have only used your services in the past.

Can I transfer Steem from my account to yours on Steemit?

i would highly recommend using ionomy because it's super easy and no KYC is required. @ionomy

Thank you, @stellabelle, I'm not very tech-savvy (at all) and would need a bit of hand-holding trying something new. Dunno what KYC means; for a sec there I read KFC (& started to drool :P

you can sell your steem and get Bitcoin. Then use that Bitcoin to buy Hive with:

Thanks, for the info. Have a lovely day :)

No, it's not possible right now, because the Steem witnesses are blocking transfers from my account on Steem.

If a customer sends funds there, the funds become frozen by the Steem witnesses. Unfortunately, a few people have done this, even though we've disabled Steem -> other coins on our web site.

Thank you, for your prompt and helpful response. This upsets me, since I don't have the know-how, or trust other exchanges. I hope this situation is corrected, soon, and we can exchange Steem with you, again.

hopefully things will get resolved quite soon!

No, but it's a good question for the Steem witnesses, however. Will they refund people for freezing their funds?