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RE: BlockTrades trade-matching exchange now live: trade BTC, HIVE, STEEM, etc


Early Bitshares, Angelshares, investor here. Unlucky one, bought after February 28th :).

Will I get Hive coins, and why are you so hostile against investors? These problems seem even bigger here than on Steem. How you are planing to attract investors when they can expect lockdown of their stake based on their votes? Let's put aside attacks form moral warriors.

Thank you.


If you think problems are bigger on Hive than on Steem, it's obvious you simply don't know what's really going on there. I wouldn't blame you though, pretty sure most of the people there don't know either.

The only stake that was "locked down" was the development stake that was being raided. As a technical point though, that happened on Steem, not Hive. It is true that most of the people involved in the lockdown have migrated to Hive since then (along with most of the other real people).

But yes, it was a good idea, in my opinion. Who would want to invest in a chain where the development stake was being sold off for profit by the company supposedly developing the chain? And being used in the meantime to gain central control over the chain?

Note that unlike Steem, where the development stake was under the control of a separate entity with incentives misaligned with the stakeholders, the Hive development stake is controlled by stakeholder voting (and the development stake itself can no longer be used for voting). So there's no reason for such funds to be frozen again.

If you're referring to stake on Steem that wasn't airdropped on Hive, first note that all the excluded stakeholders still have their Steem. They just didn't get Hive. Why? Well people had different reasons for wanting them to be excluded, but maybe here's a reason that a crypto investor can understand: the excluded accounts were voting for centralizing the chain. This was likely going to severely damage the value of the chain (as I think we will continue to see playing out in a downward price spiral for Steem as time goes by).

Another reason an investor might understand: It's also likely that some of those excluded accounts would have dumped Hive in favor of Steem (I've already observed this among some supporters of centralization that didn't meet the exact criteria used for exclusion and therefore received a Hive airdrop). So excluding those accounts from the airdrops protected Hive supporters from such dumping by people who don't favor a decentralized chain.

I don't know anything about your voting. It's even possible that you were excluded due to an error in the script that was used to determine the accounts to exclude (and our team didn't write the script either, we were tied up on other tasks) . See my latest post for more information on how this issue is being addressed.