Oddities of the animal kingdom

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Hello Steemit people, I hope you are well today I am going to write about the rarest animals in the world so today I am going to introduce you to "Drop Fish".
It lives in areas of New Zealand and Australia about a thousand meters deep, making it practically unknown due to the inaccessibility of its habitat.

This strange animal belongs to the Psychrolutidae species, which means that they do not need muscles to move. But what is the reason for this strange condition?


Most fish have an organ called a "swim bladder," which allows them to swim and float. Said air-filled organ would collapse under such high pressure (which increases as we go deeper into the ocean), causing this fish to fly apart.
That is why it has replaced that bladder with gelatinous meat, which, being less dense than water, can float without spending energy.


The Gota fish feeds on sea urchins, molluscs and crustaceans. His way of acting consists of floating in the place while waiting for some prey to arrive with which he does not have to make any kind of effort. This behavior causes it to be classified as "lazy".

His meals are then limited, but it does not affect him since with his passive habits, he does not need a large consumption of food.

I hope you liked it, I was particularly surprised by it. I really like to see how nature is so perfect !!

Greetings to all :)


Interesting, but very ugly fish!!

yes, really very ugly, it's scary.