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Screenshot from 20190402 230425.png
Proof of concept Character select screen

A lot has happened development wise since the last post. A lot of code has been rewritten for the upcoming demo and as you can see from the picture above and below I'm currently working on taking all the disjointed elements and combining them into a product. That may seem odd to some but its pretty typical when working on a large project. I go over some of the larger changes and have a small request and reward type thing at the bottom of the post. SO KEEP READING! (please)

Screenshot from 20190401 191748.png

From the screenshot you can see that the demo's start screen is pretty typical. Though "play" is self explanatory the other two need a little more help.

  • Builder

Screenshot from 20190327 172113.png

Finished only a few days ago the builder is where players create bots from the available parts they have collected through the game. In the image above everything has been unlocked for obvious reasons, but in the game the player will have to create content on STEEM and be awarded these parts. I was asked if there would be other things IN game that could award parts. In short I think that will break the concept of the game, but we have decided that it would add a bit more challenge to the game if the player had to collect "seeds" with in the game to actually build a robot.

  • Seed

Screenshot from 20190401 203358.png

The seed is the placeholder name for the games connection to STEEM. In the attempt to make this game as Asynchronous as possible the game will only attempt to connect when it sees a network connection and isn't a part of any automated process. As stated in a earlier post I'll be creating a witness node at some point and have started working on the needed scripts to facilitate functions that aren't available via the appbase api. It will take more testing than I realized to get it as smooth and fast as I would like it to be, and may require a lot more server side magic than I had previously wanted. This of course makes the need for funding even greater given the upfront and continuous cost of running a server.

Character Select

Though a bit out of line with the images the "Character Select" screen does what you would expect. When you find the bot you want you hit the accept button (currently enter) and that is the bot you play in the game at whatever point you are currently at. As you are awarded augmentations you can add them to the three categories on the right hand side of the screen.

  • Vitality:

These augments add health or armor to the bot

  • Movement:

Jumping, dodging, Speed, and possibly others.

  • Utility:

These augments work as both tools and possible weapons. Grappling guns, arms, laser cutters, etc.

In each of these categories you can mix and match augments and those are saved too the bot so even if you have 5 bot that look exactly the same they still have a whole host of configurable options to play with.

As always the images are of the game in its current state and may change at final release and as the development continues. The game is on Kickstarter and has 25 days left at the time of writing. Though I will consider any outcome a success in the sense that the game will be even closer to being done at the end of these 32 days I ask that anyone able to spread the word, back us, or both do so.

Link to the campaign

I'll even throw a couple STEEM or SBD your way if you spread the word here on the STEEM network and tag it with #allonianseed and or post a reply here linking to your post.


I mentioned your kickstarter in my last post, but I will try to include it in every post from now on. Sorry I don't have the ability to financially back this at the moment :( I wish I was a wealthy person, sometimes ! . __ . But, I'll try to do what I can to help...

Those screens look really good, @bflanagin, and I love that there has been developments throughout ! Such keen efforts should demonstrate to potential investors that this is a real project :) You should probably put a timeline with constant show of updates to show off such energy and commitment to Allonian Seed? Might encourage some backers if they can see this kind of effort :D ?

That's a great idea! And believe me I'm in the same boat (hence the kickstarter). I appreciate your help spreading the word, but I must have missed the post somehow. That being said I suspect you were one of the reasons the reward was so good. I like the idea of a timeline but I wonder if I it could be automated....I don't have the project on anything that would track that I'm afraid. :/

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