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RE: Corona get's common

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It is good that you could come together even if it was separated by partitions. That is some impressive work the guy did having things all set up so you could still socially distance. I have been doing a lot of work around the house and getting our trailer ready for camping if we get to go.


Ah that sounds great, we cancled our holidays. We would go to turkey to a resort. At the resort they work with timeslots now, so a couple of hours at the pool, at given time dinner etc. Not really the holiday you we had imagine ourselves... So we stay at home and have some chill days overhere :) I hope you can go to the camping :)

No, that sounds more like prison or Summer camp with everything so regulated. I'd love to go to Turkey some day, but I have heard it is not super safe for Americans to travel there now. Pity...