Walking with Sweatcoin / Sweatcoin 始めました

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Hello everyone, I'm sad to let you know that this is not my art post😂 Although I found something you might be interested in. I'll leave a quick post here.
I've been investing my time and energy in STEPN lately, but it cost you to start. What I found today is free to start. Well, you can pay a monthly or a yearly subscription if you want to increase your earnings, but you don't need to. Also, you can use this app as you walk on STEPN.
It is called Sweatcoin.
This app counts your steps and you get to collect Sweatcoin.
I started using the app about ten days ago. I walk about 10,000 steps a day. I signed up for a free trial of Premium which doubles the earnings, so my earnings are higher now compared to the beginning. I'm still undecided if I'm going to keep the premium.



The good thing about the app is that you still have a chance to increase your earnings without paying the premium by inviting your friends or using the daily boost. You can also watch a few ads and earn a bit more.



Although it doesn't look like there is much going on, it's free to start, you can shop, donate, bid and participate in some challenges in the app.
Sweatcoin is planning to launch the token, SWEAT this September. I'm looking forward to seeing more action soon.



I decided to participate in some challenges. I walk everyday so why not? Right? Collecting token is really fun, especially when it's free ;)





That’s all for today.

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Interesting that another token is entering this space. Health is such a big thing these days: I'm surprised more aren't getting into it. I'll have to try out Sweatcoin. One of my problems with tracking steps and movement is that I often don't carry my phone around. I've been thinking of getting an Apple Watch to help with step tracking—and of course I love the other health features of that watch, tracking heart beat, blood oxygen levels, and so on, so those features tempt me too.

Anyway, thanks for the info!

I'm glad you find it interesting. There are quite a few Move2Earn and even Sleep2Earn games nowadays. Most of them are high risk/high return games. Although, I saw many invested big and lost big as well. I found Sweatcoin easy and less stress to start. You might not make much but very low risk and it is simply fun to collect tokens.
Apple Watch sounds great. I use the strap to secure the phone on my hand when I walk but it could get in a way. I'm not sure about Sweatcoin but I've heard some apps are available to use with Apple Watch.
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