So you want to make an MMO and you'd like my help?

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Responding to and the desire to make an MMO:

I am writing this as a post because the response is lengthy and I realized it may be of use to other people.

I don't have time myself to work on more projects. I can give some advice though. I work a 40+ hour a week network engineering job and am on call 24/7 for that job every other week. Outside of that I try to spend time with my family, get some leisure time in so I don't go insane, walk and play with my dog, and work on my game projects. Occasionally I write here.

I realistically don't have more time. I don't even get what I want done that I already have on my plate done to my satisfaction.

I've already spoken to you before a bit about Matrix-8.

As to MMO. I'd recommend going with Unity or Unreal as your engine. I can give guidance on Unity as I own tens of thousands of dollars worth of tools and assets related to that. This is the engine I am working on. I do have some unreal stuff but switching to that for me would set me back years (at the very least months). I will do so in the future if needed.

As to Unity. The best thing you can do is start. I can tell you that if you want a lot of complex systems that an RPG is perhaps the most difficult game out of all games to make. It has the most interoperating systems and is thus the most complex.

If you are fine working with a template then there are some starting points... It depends upon how serious you end up being. I can tell you now that it is not easy, and will take a lot of time. It can be a lot of fun and rewarding. It is much like painting, making movies, building things, writing books, etc. It uses the same type of thought processes but you also need to throw logic, math, and some other things into that.

Here are some starting points:

MMO RPG Systems (these are not free):


Atavism can speed up things and potentially can give you the most like an MMO you'd most likely like to make. This is based upon you deploying your own server clusters to handle load. There are a lot of videos. Watch them see what you think.
The without needing to write a single line of code thing is not something to get hung up on. I personally would ignore that almost anytime you hear it. This is not inexpensive but for what it does for you it literally can save you thousands of hours of personal labor. It may do everything you want out of the box. The art may not be your style but that can be replaced. The systems are the critical part for an MMO.

I am pretty sure they also have this product for the Unreal Engine.

MMORPG KIT (2D/3D/Survival):

The no CCU limit in the description is something to pay attention to. Some network solutions will charge you per player count. So if you have a license for 100 CCU then that means you paid for up to 100 people using your game at a time. If you go above that they will charge more. This does not negatively impact some people but it is something to pay attention to.

uMMORPG Remastered - MMORPG Engine:

This one has been around awhile and is a lot more affordable than Atavism.

uMMORPG 2D Remastered - MMORPG Engine:

2D MMO Engine by the same people as uMMORPG. 2D art can be a lot easier to do. It really depends upon you project plans.

I personally own a license to Atavism X.6, and uMMORPG but I haven't really had time to mess with them much. My current project I am focused on is not something that requires either.

You can find a ton of art, tools, sounds, templates, etc. on the unity asset store:

Unreal is starting to get a lot of great assets too but Unity's asset store is massive. You can even find a lot of content.

One thing about game development. The initial idea is the easy part. The very easy part. Making those ideas into something and learning what you can realistically accomplish and such is something that will require time and practice just like any skill.

It can be quite rewarding but it is something that will take a lot of time.

Some people will crank out something without knowing what they are doing or without being willing to put the time in to learn and you'll see such games blasted and a lot of the time they will try to blame that on Unity.

Unity is just an engine. You still have to know what you are doing. This is true with Unreal as well.

There are some other engines as well. If you want help though I'd recommend sticking with the most popular engines because then you have very large communities to draw from. The two to consider are Unity and Unreal.


This is super helpful, thanks. We will study it.

i'm thinking at least initially to not make it and RPG (at least not initially, so not video, but 2D i think) - i'm not familiar yet with all the terms.

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If at all possible when making your first game I'd recommend making a single player game if you can think of a way that what you want to do could be conveyed that way. Multiplayer adds an entirely new set of things you have to balance and worry about. Making the single player game can teach you the things that you'd need to move onto a multiplayer. With that in mind I can recommend another product. The people that made this product are working on a multiplayer version of this soon targeting probably 16 people or so and said later they may look into MMO. For single player RPG though this is pretty popular:

It has a very active discord community.

A lot of how-to videos on their youtube channel:

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