What is right and wrong?

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so we are human and always talk about right and wrong.

no matter whatsoever we do. all it actually comes from our memory.

that we had to acquire form the external factor may be our senses.

maybe it's our society, our teacher, our friends, our parents, etc.

that also simply means that right and wrong we had has also come from them.

what fun it is. even the right and wrong that we think is also come to form other its now our own.

but still we are OK with it.

but the real question is why it is so. Why all of them tell us what is right and wrong.

don't you think they must allow ourselves to choose and create our own right and wrong.

it is enough for this time.

Thank You.


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depending if your dealing with principles...
and deadly dangerous things...
you should at least understand the reason of things!