October Retrospective and November Plans

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Here we are on Hive Power Up Day, and it's time for my look back at last month! On October 1st, I wrote,

I have a few drafts in the works on PeakD that may or may not coalesce into something worth posting. I don't have any big plans, and anticipate continued intermittent posting instead of regular routine.

I think I got a couple such posts completed, but more ideas remain percolating on the back burner, so to speak.

Looking ahead and looking back.

I dropped the ball on Power Up Month on about September 20th, but I plan to try again starting with my Power Up Day vesting right after this goes live. We'll see what happens.

I am pleased to say I did not in fact drop the ball during October, and have earned a Power Up Month badge again. I also powered up 50 HIVE for Power Up Day. Learn more about these events from @traciyork's post here.

PeakD has some handy charts to sum up progress. I had a few posts which were well-received, and combined with more regular posting, the monthly HP growth was solid. I also earned a fair sum from curation, and while this is in part a consequence of my overall stake, I know there are other people with more efficient curation systems than mine. I just upvote content I like and people I want to encourage.

Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 22-16-47 PeakD.png

Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 22-16-27 PeakD.png

Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 22-15-51 PeakD.png

Hive Divider Bar Centered.png

Taking a look at my posting in more detail. If I count right, omitting the last retrospective and reblogs, I wrote 24 posts in the last 31 days.

Many were library-related:

I also tried a variety of hobby-related posts:

Lastly, there were occasional difficult-to-catalog blog posts:

Hive Divider Bar Centered.png

I don't have any significant plans for November. Those ideas I mentioned percolating on the back burner may get turned into something, or maybe not. I reduced my delegations to @ecency and @ocdb in order to retain more personal curation weight, but I expect to try again for Hive Power Up Month with their remaining daily returns.

I have a few thoughts on the crypto market. Some folks seem upset at the sideways market movement for HIVE, Bitcoin, etc. but I celebrate stability. It's the lack of volatility we need for crypto to move from speculative asset to medium of exchange. Have we found equilibrium? I doubt it, but this current trend isn't inherently a bad thing.

Now I just need to brace myself for November. We return to standard time, meaning the sun sets shortly after lunch. Election day looms, and the partisan nonsense is in full swing. I suppose this is how an Atheist would feel if unable to escape an argument between militant Mormons and peculiarly aggressive Jehovah's Witnesses. Oh, and I have a birthday this month, too, so people intend to impose festivities upon me. That is the hardest burden of all. 🤣

dizzy d20 128.png

HIVE | PeakD | Ecency

If you're not on Hive yet, I invite you to join through PeakD. If you use my referral link, I'll even delegate some Hive Power to help you get started.


Posting 24th days in a month is a task that deserves appreciation,doesn't it.

I looked at the chart of account growth. It is progressing quite well. Your author rewards are also quite well.

Congratulations on being on a higher ladder from many other users

I started early, and it's been a long slog to get here through many months of small rewards, various market ups and downs, factional squabbles, and then the fork from Steemit where I gambled on going all-in for HIVE despite suspecting it would fail. I seem to have a trail of auto-votes now, and on one hand, I like the rewards, but on the other hand, I prefer actual engagement.

Engagement gives the real pleasure, but the worth of rewards cannot be undermined. I think the real pleasure is when you get the both

Laughs.. Dude you basically saved my life now... I completely forgot about HPUD!...

Thank God I have you on notifications 😂😂🙏..

Meh... I aint even try on the hive power up month😂its hard for now.. But ill try get the power up day atleast every month.

Thanks again

Glad to be of service! The HPUM requires either powering up 1 HP or writing a post with 100% HP rewards. If you have a way to gain liquid HP by selling HBD or delegating to someone who pays a curation reward pool, it works well. Or if you have a daily post like one of the fitness apps, it could work, too.

Ohhhh wow.... I thought you had to power up 10 hive everyday for the HPUM 😢 laughs that would have been.. Well is easily achieveable😰😂

Thanks for that little bit of value info

I think 24 posts in a month is pretty good, I'm sure there are very few users who do better than that. I love Peakd's stats features, it's great that you are using it effectively and promoting it to people. And your account is really growing nicely. 700 HP is not small at all. Thanks for participating in the power up event this month. I don't know what day your birthday is, so Happy birthday already!

You did great with the 24 out of 31, and it's worth celebrating.

I hope you will be able to go 30 days this month, and this is the 1st out of 30 😉

Congratulations on your growth chart. You are doing well.

Your curation system is perfect as long as you upvote within 24h of a new post (well and if the post doesnt get downvoted). I love this change of the curation system

I don't always catch that 24-hr. window, and don't worry much about it. Back when I started on Steemit, there were two different payout periods and complicated algorithms. It would be nice if there were a second long-term payout window now to keep content a bit more evergreen, but all told, the current system is better.

Haha yep the old systems were great for the vote bot users but garbage for socialmedia and proof of brain xD

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Happy approaching birthday! Scorpio? (I don't usually ask people their signs but my experience with Scorpios is that they love being asked.)

No, I'm pretty sure this is my sign:


But yeah, according to western traditional astrology, my sign would be Scorpio. I don't really put any weight in that, though.

That's a good sign!

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Dang right we are imposing festivities on you!😆


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Work festivities, game group festivities, other game group festivities... I don't know how I will survive. 🤣 !BEER

I am aware that someone else is baking you a birthday pie as well. I'm sure you will survive that!