I Made A Post On Den Every Day This Year (Q1) - What I've Learned

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Before I get into this post, I want to thank The Three Caballeros from Coffee with Den. In the recent Episode 23 of their live show they answered a question I had regarding what Lair I should post this in. You can see their response that's timestamped here.

I also originally wrote this post on Den and it can be found here.

So right before the New Year, I decided to make a post every day in 2022 as some sort of New Year's Resolution because I wanted to see if I could boost my following, MTR, LOR, LOT (well, everything) by being highly involved and consistent. I had about 2500 MTR at this point (all from posting since April 2021) and I figured 365 days would be an amazing boost to my involvement in the Den platform.

I had some criteria for my daily posts. I had to write one significant post each day that meant something to me and wasn't just a quick image (for example). It's true that I typically do post images as my main form of content but I always write as much context as possible and my goal is to give insight to others from my specific point of view. The demographic on Den is so versatile that I love sharing my life with y'all and hearing what y'all experience in my life that's different than my own experience.

In doing this, there were a couple things I learned.

The most important thing is that I don't think this concept was the best idea. I actually did decide to discontinue the daily post and I changed my goal about a month ago to finish out Quarter 1 (January 1st - March 31st). This is primarily because I get super busy in the Spring (I film real estate videos and wedding videos) and I have a newborn at 4 months old. Towards the end of Q1, I felt like my post quality was really starting to wane since I was posting in the late hours between finishing an edit and going to bed. Some nights towards the end of March I felt like it wasn't me posting. (aka I was posting as a zombie)

The daily rewards were evidence towards the end of Q1 that confirmed my thoughts about the quality of my posting and this made me think: I actually do feel like I have a good following on Den (at the time of this writing I have 77 followers) and I truly believe I obtained this by being extremely conscious of the quality of my writing. My main goal is to come at you with some personable tales and inner thoughts - I don't want to sound robotic or copied and pasted. Since I was using borrowed time to write an obligated post, I was turning into a robot a bit - or at least I felt that way.

The most important thing I learned was that I shouldn't be playing the quantity or quality game. It sounds obvious but I really saw a downward trend on my content and rewards. I do feel that about once or twice a week I had the time to actually write something quality and I did see some rewards for those, it truly was linked to the quality I felt while writing each post.

I now have about 3100 MTR but I believe I made about 1200-1500 throughout Q1. There was a time I took some out to fund another project and I spent about 600 MTR on creating the Texas Lair. This experiment was well worth the attempt and I now know that I'll be going back to posting quality content. For me, this means whenever I do have time at my computer, I just start typing from my heart and say whatever is on my mind. A lot of my posts I think about all day, all week and I need to get to my computer to type it. This just couldn't be done while I had the obligation of daily posts.

With all of this said, I invite you to ask me questions because I want to know what I've left out and what I can help you with regarding your own Den journey. This is very rare and just happens to not work while I'm typing this, but the Den metrics aren't working for me and I can't see my rewards to share those results. I can also revisit them if you're interested.

Another reason why I feel like I get a lot of traction with posts and content: I'm super transparent and that's why I'm here on Den. Full disclosure: I was at a brewery all day and I brought some back to my apartment. I'm enjoying some IPAs while I write this post and words are-a-flowing. I might have left something out. Like I said above, ask me anything you'd like!