Cutters Deli, Barbados — Sun, Sea, Sandwiches, and Rum | My Review | ★★★★★

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Barbados has been called the 'culinary capital of the Caribbean' and the country has apparently declared 2018 the year of culinary experiences.

Barbados may be only 21 miles long but with over 500 restaurants listed on Trip Advisor that's a lot of options!

So in the spirit of all things food I've decided to highlight some of my favorite local haunts.

First up, Cutters Deli.


This morning my family and I made a visit over to a relaxed countryside deli called "Cutters of Barbados".

The name Cutters comes from the colloquial term for a Sandwich made with a 'Salt Bread', usually with Flying Fish, Cheese or Ham in the center.



While this is a popular lunch place or a "liming" spot to come and have a rum punch or six after a trip to the nearby Crane Beach (once voted the Top Caribbean Beach) by USA Today, my family and I prefer to head 'far' out into the countryside of St. Philip early on a morning and enjoy a quiet breakfast in air-conditioned comfort. (Although there is also plenty of comfortable outdoor seating on the deck as well.)

Their offerings are simple and perfectly enjoyable with nice local touches such as delicious Eggs Benedict with the Bajan touch of Salt Bread instead of Crumpet and juicy picnic ham in place of back bacon.


For visitors (or thirsty locals) there's lots of refreshing Rum Punch for sale alongside other souvenirs and authentic local condiments and snacks like Bajan Hot Sauce and fruit jams.


Cutters was opened just over 10 years ago by the Goddard family who first came to Barbados in the 1600s, and it's their family touch that really gives this small spot it's friendly and welcoming vibe.




Definitely worth a visit if you're ever in this part of the world.


Looks gorgeous. I will probably never get the chance to try it but I think that i would like it there.


photography is beautiful, all love it. thank you

Can't wait to visit Barbados and taste all its spectacular gastronomy. Hope sooner than later.

nice place..
Cutters Deli is very nice...
thanks for sharing

So nice 😉 if you want check my channel and see my food posts 🙏💘

Ah it so cold right now in Ireland. I wish I can go there and we have food together in the warm!

I know. Minus 4 degrees and frost everywhere.

Come down any time, bring @condra too, I'll show you all around!

Nice, clean and neat, and i am sure the food is delicious :) I will not where to have lunch when i am visiting Barbados :)

so peaceful. are there any other visitors?