Creating location based communication on Hive

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Already for a long time I am thinking about how to do location based search and communication online. I wrote a post before about a system called plustags. There is one issue with that system, which is the need to add a new indexing system on top of everything. It would be nice if we can use existing indexing systems that work well with (hash)tags to be able to create and find location based content, while still being able to have enough privacy to avoid people e.g. being robbed because of a location based message.

I think using OLC as is and with zero padding for precision is still useful, but I would like to add a simple hashtag system to the idea: tag with geo dash the first 6 digits of the OLC for the specific location, and/or geo dash the ISO notation for your region (usually 2 letter code country, for big countries you can paste the state/subdivision code after the country code, e.g. geo-usny for New York state). Applications can very easily also look for posts tagged with surrounding regions when using the 6 first digits form, but because it's already a reasonably big region that would probably be about 8 extra regions max.

This will also work on Twitter of course, and with a little change it can also be used with e.g. IOTA tags: (in the case of IOTA I would prefix with GEO and then directly enter the code with the letters as is and the numbers filling up the rest: 2 A 3 B 4 D 5 E 6 I 7 K 8 L 9 N)

With this convention I think we can build Dapps for ride sharing, finding a place to stay, host meetups etc., but for now I think we can use it for creating apps for local solidarity response in your neighborhood to help each other with shopping etc.


Why not first start with a chat device for hive?

People seem to be working on that, look at e.g. OpenLink

openlink/openseed seems to be focused on Steem only (@andrachy)

Afaik they made a post about working on Hive support.

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