@Ma1neEvent Blog: Scenic Views from Mount Battie, Maine USA (July 2019)

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Join me for a some
beautiful scenic ocean views
from Mount Battie, Maine!

Hello again Steem Friends!

Welcome back to my blog. This weekend I was able to do some traveling, and I ventured down to the ocean coastlines of Maine, USA. I visited in the Rockland / Camden area of Maine, which is located right on the coast.

One of the things I did on the trip was to visit Mount Battie Park. It has some amazing views of the ocean and local ports from a higher vantage point. This made for some really nice photos!

Check out this gorgeous view...


This is one of the local ports in Rockland:


At the top of the mount is an old watch tower... This was a great place to take photos from:


We were fortunate to get some really nice weather this weekend. We spent some time at hill taking lots of photos, going for walks, and looking for wildlife. I will be sharing more photos with you soon, be sure to check back to this blog often!

All photos in this post are 100% Original Content created by @Ma1neEvent

What do you think of these ocean views?

This is a great place to visit if you ever travel to Maine.
I highly recommend it!

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Be sure to leave some comments below!

See you next time!




Loves those stone watch pillars. Always tells us about lot of history and also how such things built during that time....

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Yes, it was great to climb to the top and take photos!

Beautiful views and made more awesome by the weather as well! You could spend a long time there!

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Oh, yes! This was breathtaking and the watchtower is awesome!! Maine has some of the prettiest scenery in the United States. No kidding.

The coastline, especially from the vantage point is amazing! You took gorgeous shots or this stunning site. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for being an active member of SteemUSA!


Very nice place and maybe seafood abounds int that part of Maine Florida @ma1neevent

What great views from up there and that tower has such character

Thanks for this great post and being an active member of @steemusa !tip


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