Emotional hunger for relationships

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Human life without relationships is like a desert where there are clouds of sand all the time and human beings die their own death due to the collapse of these clouds. Even if we do not want to form a relationship with someone else, many relationships are associated with our name from the day we are born and become an identity of our relationship status.

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By the way, it is not possible for any person to be living a beautiful, satisfying and wonderful life without any relationship. However, the desire and passion to form new relationships is present in people of all ages and in order to fulfill this desire and passion, he is always engaged in making connections with many other people. The need behind this love of relationships can be called emotional hunger and this hunger is very high in many people and very low in some. In order to satisfy their emotional hunger, the individual establishes full-time and part-time relationships with other members of the community. Sometimes these relationships last a lifetime and sometimes they are short-lived.

This train of relationships runs all ages and every relationship has a platform. When its platform arrives, that relationship is no longer part of the journey of the rest of life. And sometimes he gets so engrossed in the heat of the relationship that his very existence becomes insignificant and unnecessary in the absence of the relationship, or he becomes attached to someone whose departure means the destruction of life.

These types of relationships are not healthy at all. The beauty of the real relationship is that it enriches the life of the individual, devotes it to it and makes him happy, so that the emotional hunger of the individual is satisfied and the satisfaction of life is also granted. If a person does not have all these qualities and abilities in a relationship then it means that either he is not familiar with the skill and art of relationship building or the person with whom the relationship is connected suffers from emotional illiteracy because the basis of the relationship is more emotional.

Therefore, for emotional attachment, it is necessary for the individual to be aware of the emotions, to have the ability to handle the emotions, and to have the ability to understand the emotions. He will not be able to take care of it properly and he will be a victim of such difficulties from which he spoils his life.

Just as dealing with other important issues in life requires a mediocre level of intelligence to deal with the nature, complexity and proper resolution of issues, so too is emotional intelligence. It helps individuals to understand the feelings of others and to communicate their emotional state to others without confusion which is very important for relationship needs.

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The most interesting thing is that there is hardly a person in the world who does not have emotional intelligence at all, otherwise it is present in every individual but the question arises that if it is found in every person then why do their relationships stay bad and unpleasant? The answer is that the majority have never heard of emotional intelligence, have not received basic training in dealing with and understanding their emotions, and the biggest fact is that more than 90% of people are not familiar with this intelligence. Because they do not know how important this intelligence is for the beauty of the relationship.

People with emotional intelligence understand that emotions are more powerful than human thinking and understanding, and that surrendering oneself to emotions is a folly that leads to the death of a relationship. Intelligent individuals handle emotions with the utmost courtesy and never make life difficult for themselves and others by surrendering themselves to emotions. That is why those with emotional intelligence do not crucify others to satisfy their emotional hunger, nor do they suffer from emotional illiteracy.

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