My sweet condemnation... Part 1

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I often think that photography tells its own story. A photo has the virtue of telling stories, showing feelings depends on what the photographer wants to capture and maybe what the model wants to show.


          From an unknown and uncertain but captivating world; I get caught up in his world, in his ideas, without knowing his gaze, without even knowing his perfume, you know, the typical things to which we say: Charm at first sight, I only have a few messages a day, more than normal being frank, to then become that need that you lack of night to sleep happy, that complements your morning with a simple good morning on that screen inexpressive.

          After several weeks of talking, starting with a simple ''game'' or maybe curiosity; I often think that it would have happened if that boy hadn't come through that door in my work, a crossing of words without details, let's say ''normal'' without ulterior motives that I find even fanciful in this adventure, I felt a certain strange and unreal attraction for me towards a stranger who captivated me with his peculiar and uncommon way of writing making me feel that I didn't converse with anyone, he used to read me almost perfectly that in a certain way scared me when he entered into my life. Was it real? Fictitious?

          What a peculiar way of capturing all my attention, anyone would call me crazy until I think about it from time to time. What do we seek or what do I seek? An adventure? Love? I don't even know the answer myself.

         I let myself be carried away to think so much if being a woman does not make us perfect, we are just two human beings so illusory without taking care that after all, there may be a broken heart and most likely, the safest ... THAT is mine.

This story will continue...

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