Being a Tourist in my own City⛅️

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💭August, 2016.💭

The most well-known tourist natural spots of San Cristóbal are "Loma del Viento" and "Chorro El Indio", in August 2016 a group of friends invited me to a small tour that consisted basically of visiting these two places that are located relatively close if you go by car, as it was in our case that time.

August is between the months of the rainy season in the Andean region, so we were not surprised that the day was completely cloudy, and it even rained a little while we were there.

First we went through the Loma del Viento, a natural viewpoint that on clear days has a view of the entire San Cristóbal city and its neighboring towns, it is located at 1,300 meters above sea level, and its name does it justice, there are days in which the wind is so strong that you can feel how it pushes you wherever it wants and if you add the cold feeling of being out, it makes you prefer to stay warm inside the car, but where would the fun be in that?

Then we headed towards Chorro El Indio, an emblematic waterfall of the Táchira state of approximately 15 meters high, followed by a smaller one called La India, which due to the dense fog we weren't able to photograph at all at that day, anyway, at their feet there is a restaurant and tavern, families usually gather in their surroundings to make traditional food on weekends.

On sunnier days, when the rocks are not so wet and slippery, if you're adventurous enough you can climb up the edges of the waterfall right to the where you can almost reach the top of the drop, from where you have a privileged point of view and of course a greater connection to nature, however you must be aware of the risk involved, an accident there could be fatal.

On the way back, we took the opportunity to stop along one side of the road in one of the typical sales of roasted corn, part of the local gastronomy, and while we were eating we were approached by a puppy with whom we played for a little while before saying goodbye to finally go back home after a long day of being turists in our own city.

I hope you all enjoyed this little trip, see you in the next adventure!

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Thanks for your time!

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