End of an Era for Planetauto community

in #blog5 months ago

We've decided to shutdown our community, we had a number of fiercely loyal followers, but on the other side we had a bunch of piss taking muppets, who plaigarised every mortal post.

In short we couldn't keep track of what was genuine and what was plaigarised - as well as sort upvotes etc all within 24 hrs is this Jack Bauer or something?

Therefore we've decided to concentrate on up voting our friends and supporters, and sharing quality automotive content, as it's plain to see the majority just can't - by all means follow our blog.

We've powered down our funds to uprate our tech, new lens, cameras, etc

...and yes we are extremely vexed.

Thank you for everybody that contributed with meaningful original content, without you guys we'd have shut it down way before.


I'm sorry to hear this, but I'm not surprised to hear it. Such a shame.

This is why we've been so quiet, it started becoming a chore, which was a shame- this is where our passion lies :) Thank you

Yeah, I get it. I'm in the process of exposing one of those scammers, a plagiarist. When I see them I deal with them.

It's time consuming as well as soul destroying, isn't it?

Sure is, but I work at it one by one when I come across them.

We'd had 7 in the last 3 days, they'd started out genuine then obviously that was too much

Yeah, I get it...And see them. They'll get some attention. You know?

Sad news ☹️... But a communauty is time consuming with poor ROI.
I hope to read more of your high quality articles and reviews (I'm learning from you 🙏).

It is, and yes sadly the spamming and the dishonesty is just disheartening, thank you :)

Unfortunately, this is the same in all communities, which means having to be active in policing them. It is going to get worse the higher price climbs too.

The thing is, most people aren't content creators or have marketable skills for Hive, but they want gains. So, they cheat.

It sucks, but that is the world.

Good luck out there.

Thank you, it's the dishonesty that and gaul they have, and yes they're not @tarazkp - it was not an easy decision to make, but we will keep at it with our blog!


Shame there are so many idiots about, glad you are staying and looking forward to more automotive content from you.

Thanks, @j85063 - we will keep at it!