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Epic steps leading to nowhere...


I have to tell you that despite my criticism and regret, sometimes it gives me pleasure to walk in such places.
Maybe because they are unique. Perhaps because in the European dimensions, Bulgaria is the most declined country and no other country looks like it. Nobody can imitate it (and I don't like imitations). Simply because no one would want to imitate this decay, this misery, this sloppiness.


Ha ha, that's how far I've come - to appreciate uniqueness, even in its terrible dimensions. 😃


But man changes and evolves to survive. One sometimes accepts to survive. Even the unacceptable, even the irreconcilable, even the terrible, even the things that cannot be compromised.


One learns to look philosophically at the world in order to survive, changes one's view, changes one's perceptions.
Is that the case, actually? 🤔
Not sure.


How could you accept this?

Anyway, these are some philosophical Sunday thoughts.
Because Sundays always encourage philosophical reflections.

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Epic steps indeed, leading to left-overs from past glory. Pleasure to read your reflections.


Ha ha, thank you 😊 It is still great to see left-overs from past glory with your own eyes, feel them with your own senses. No matter how it hurts...

I stayed up all night trying to find where the sun was.
Then it dawned on me.

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Why did the visually impaired man fall into a well?
He couldn't see that well!

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