What If I'm Invisible For A While

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I really laugh out loud when I saw the topic "Invisible" and had to even read some users thought about it on what they will do or plan to do if they are just invisible for some period of time, I wasn't really surprised at the answers I saw though because thinking about it is even funny, before I go with what most people plan to do with this weird power or should I say super power (The invisible), I kind of like what @burlarj said he will do with his own, walking about to find out people opinion about him, according to him it is best to be with people who have good intentions towards you than those than speak ill or plot evil behind your back, in as must as the idea is way cool, you can know people intentions with just a period of time and they might be showing good things when you are actually invisible, I will rather scare the shit out of them with my invisible power

But the money heist plan by @moremoney caught my attention, well when I saw the topic, that was the idea that came to mind. Yes we love to have superpowers though and superman was my fav character since he can fly even beyond the world and gravity have no effect on him, he is strong, fast and also eject lasar from his eyes, all this made me love the character but as in invisible man, get ready to meet the next Professor in Money Heist movie. Like he said, if we have the knowledge that we will be invisible for a while, I will make sure I gathered my invisible team before then because this cant be one man's job, there is no way I can loot a lot of money alone, I can only take little since it will be physical currency and not crypto or wireless transfer. Yes, I will have my formidable invisible team so the work can go swiftly, we will bring in ideas collectively, strategised and make sure we have strong back up plan and like he said, the corrupted officials will be the target, for as much as my country is way blessed with lot of natural resources that can change the country positively, there are some bad eggs that cornered and channel all the income to their very own pocket just to enrich themselves while the nation suffered.

So it will be an operation "Take back for the community", it will really a funny operation to be honest as I kept on laughing as I wrote this to be honest because it isn't possible to put that off in this Nigeria economy so it is all just imagination that cant happen. But I love to have some superpowers though.


Just watch out for the SCP Foundation.


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