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RE: Allonian Seed - The quest for more engagement

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I mentioned your kickstarter in my last post, but I will try to include it in every post from now on. Sorry I don't have the ability to financially back this at the moment :( I wish I was a wealthy person, sometimes ! . __ . But, I'll try to do what I can to help...

Those screens look really good, @bflanagin, and I love that there has been developments throughout ! Such keen efforts should demonstrate to potential investors that this is a real project :) You should probably put a timeline with constant show of updates to show off such energy and commitment to Allonian Seed? Might encourage some backers if they can see this kind of effort :D ?


That's a great idea! And believe me I'm in the same boat (hence the kickstarter). I appreciate your help spreading the word, but I must have missed the post somehow. That being said I suspect you were one of the reasons the reward was so good. I like the idea of a timeline but I wonder if I it could be automated....I don't have the project on anything that would track that I'm afraid. :/