My Hivewatchers blacklist. My apology to the Hive community

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Thank you so much @hivewatchers for finally giving me opportunity for my blacklist appeal. It had been 5 months since I commit a big blunder and honestly I have come so far in past 5 months, I realised the importance of honesty and commitment. I have gone through all rules and regulations of Plagiarism, thanks to @scholaris for keep helping me in this journey. I am sincerely committed to Hive Community and want to be a valuable member of it. As every human I too made a blunder and honestly I regret it everyday, I had been punished by @adm so many times, yeah I deserved it in past but now I am doing honest and sincere work.

Why I got Blacklisted?
What I did wrong? I was not aware of use of references and citationa in a post. I posted a few news articles copied from other sources, yeah I admit that was plagiarism but I was not fully aware of it then, I thought it will be OK to share a news article. But that was soo silly and irresponsible of me. I am guilty and charged. It was totally unintentional and I am really regret it everyday. Here are the articles:

These 4 articles were published in a span of a week, and without realising my wrongdoing I made same mistake again, it is after the 4th article I got comments notified from @hivewatchers, then I realised my mistake. But then I don't know about the appeal process, I realised it so much later and I did the same apology post just 2 months ago but that was totally for accepting mistake. I had already removed the content from these posts after I released my mistake. I made a mistake and I admit it, but I never meant to do it. I am not a fraud. I do respect and follow hive rules and regulations. I am against plagiarism too.
Seriously, the only false delusion was that I am sharing a news, so it will be ok, seriously 😔😳, I should have declined the rewards but that didn't occurred in mind too. Honestly i can't change what I did but I think I had repented alot and proved my honesty on Hive and POB Community. I had never lied to anyone, I had always accepted mistake. Even being on @spaminator and frequent downvotes by @adm, I kept on working and increasing my stakes on Hive as well as POB Community. Honestly I wanted to invest more into community, I want to be curator, Soon I will be coming Videos and Photography blogs, I can assure you, everything will be real, honest, Bigger and Better. I just needed one chance and thankfully @hivewatchers listened me today.

In conclusion, I want to apologise again to all Hive Community, I have been repenting for my mistake from past 5 months and I had been penalised alot. Even today @adm downvoted my 16 posts, the one with my Being into POB Rich list, and that really hurt, and got so much demotivated and depressed, but I thought giving one more try or Hivewatchers on discord and luckily they agreed on giving me an opportunity. I will be on their watch for next 30 days and all I need to do is publish original content everyday.

Honesty being a Curator on POB myself, I too hate plagiarism, now I get How Good and hard work is @hivewatchers doing in Hive Community and trying to keep it a better place. Also thanks for giving an appeal chances to people sooner or later. It's really very important because mostly Genuine Fraud and Plagiarist People run away once caught, they hardly reply or Stake in the Community.

A humble request and advice to newbies please don't do anything make such mistakes, go through this post by Hivewatchers to understand plagiarism and abuse. Also one most important thing i had learnt so far is the importance of being yourself, one can't do copy or plagiarism for long it's better to be honest and try to create original content, because there is so much learning in that process and engagement in the community relies on honesty only.

Keep up the good work @hivewatchers. I request you all to please vote for Hivewatchers proposal here because they are really doing great work. Thank you all. 😊🙏


It really is painful to see that the first vote you got was from @spaminator. But I guess they're doing their job, the fight is against plagiarism and to set a very big example for other authors to see.

But, that was a mistake, it was done out of ignorance and now that you've realized your mistake you're doing every thing possible to remedy it. Not every gets that chance but I'm glad you were given this one opportunity.

I hope you get to be considered and forgiven. You're a great author @vikbuddy and a lot of us look up to you, so keep doing what you're doing, don't lose hope and you'll be celebrated more often than you can imagine

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Definitely, they are doing such a great work. I always appreciated it, all I wanted is just another chance and really its not that easy because they have to deal with such things everyday, but yeah it better late than never. I want to be a valuable member of Hive Community and its the right step now. Thank you friend. 😊🙏. !PIZZA

You're already a valuable member buddy, just put a smile on your face and keep your head held high.

I have a belief that it'll be remedied.

Thanks for the 🍕

I do really hope that you get another chance, you have come very far now and learnt your mistakes, it takes lots of courage to not only admits your mistake and instead of running away into thin air you are working very hard day by day to be on the good side of the hive community.

I commends the @hivewatchers for doing a great job and I do hope you're totally forgiven.

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Thanks dear. Honestly it's after this incident I became more serious and dedicated to Hive Community. Now I have a lifelong vision here, I believe and have Confidence in Hive Blockchain. I have learnt a lot in this journey, and really it was worth it. Hope I get out of this soon and start my new journey of being and valuable member of Community. 😊

We all makes mistakes some times, don't worry, everything will be fine again.

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Good work on your improvements. If you hadn't worked to change things so quickly so many months ago, your time would have been much different. Hopefully, the spaminator tag will get removed soon.

Thanks for your support in this journey sir, you really guided me well. All we need is just a chance, hopefully everything get sorted now. 😊🙏

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It's really painful to know about this, sometimes I do see the @spaminator, downvoting your post or comment, I didn't really know what to say then, until I saw this your post.

I know you don't plagiarized, and it wasn't intentional. I believe everything will be resolved soon enough

Stay cool!