Delayed in hive-engine block explorer.

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Deposit to hive-engine causing delay (again).

When I tried to manually send from BLURT to Hive-Engine. I was not able to see the deposit through the website. Something is wrong.


But you can see the deposit via website, see capture image below.


Because of this, I double deposit to @bezil (4 and 425.7 twice) and triple deposit to @banjocat (297 BLURT). I hope they will return the extra deposit back to @blurtlink account.

It seems update for hive-engine is delayed. I also noticed the same issue using the block explorer website (

Apology in advance for delayed transactions. I will continue to monitor this issue.

Thank you,
@yehey [witness]

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Yes, I just sent 2400 SWAP.BLURT to @blurtlink and it hasn't come through yet.


Have you decided what to do with FUNDS deposited in Good Faith via Hive Engine, to Blurtlink? It seems we were innocent, to doing the right thing and now, you are no longer honoring any deposits made?

Will you be refunding any tokens sent? Or simply keeping them?