HIVE to Blurt and Blurt to HIVE promoted at website.

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The website provides a simple to follow on how to transfer your Blurt to HIVE and HIVE to Blurt.

This is just the beginning of showing off BLURT swap to other Tokens. I am still testing codes for Blurt to ETH (Ethereum) and ETH to Blurt via UniSwap. Hopefully, this will be ready in 2-3 weeks' time frame or sooner.

Check it out, visit website.

As HIVE investor, this is another way of expanding our portfolio. More good news coming our way.

@Yehey Witness Projects

  • Witness Servers to keep HIVE network up and running. Under maintenance.
  • @Automation Chat Bot for a fun conversation. Simply call my name to start. Under maintenance.
  • our very own website to help promote the use of HIVE. No downvotes.
  • swap your HIVE to BLURT, and vice-versa.
  • and other projects still in progress. Keep in touch @Yehey.

Vote @Yehey as one of your Witness. Thank you.

Go to URL address then scroll down, type "yehey" and Vote. You can also use the form to set me as proxy.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and healthy, health is wealth.

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Excelent yeyhe

Thank you.