Photos from Lustau Bodega in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

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Bodegas Lustau is considered a world-class benchmark for top-quality wines and has been awarded the Best Spanish Winery in 2011 and Best Sherry Producer in 2014 and 2016 by the International Wine & Spirit Competition. source

And rated in the top 10 places to visit in Jerez on Trip Advisor, this place sounds like it was worth a visit. It's 28 euros for the tour, and you have the opportunity to taste 10 (or so, I forgot!) Sherries during the hour long tour of the Bodega.






The courtyard (as shown above) is superbly lit with the sun trying its best to peak through the vines covering the roof. A photographers dream, and the iPhone doesn't really do it justice.






So many barrels!

The Sherry is aged in 6 huge buildings that have been renovated to suit the temperature and humidity required to produce top notch plonk.


Not to be confused with an ancient sex dungeon :O



Delivering the goods on these things probably took longer than the production process.




And more barrels to indicate how far and wide the Sherry is exported.


I love spending time in historical places, especially when fed fine alcohol. We purchased a bottle of Lustau from the souvenir shop and will be consuming it on ice, sometime this week.

Drink responsibly and have an awesome week!



Its beautiful place, the out side roof is covered with the plants and some lighting are came passes through the roof shade like natural disco place. The production of alcohol is like some kind historical and you mention it earlier!

Yes the floor is lit like a disco due to the vines which I suspect took a fair amount of time grow so large. No grapes here though, they are all in the 100s of barrels 🙂

Do they do samples?...Of the wine, not the sex dungeon.

Samples throughout the tour!

There was a container at each stop to pour anything you didn't want away - no chance!

That wall of tools looked very ominous!

Well, seems like you behaved, your photos are too good for someone who was sloshed. 🙂

A 3rd were taken before i'd had a drop 😏. Well, that's not strictly true as a couple of warm-up cañas were had in a square close by prior to starting.

If I take a good photo, then it must be very hard to miss!

Lol...A nice looking spot mate and good to see you guys chilling out, enjoying yourselves.

Cheers mate. It’s tourism and sports - I need to alternate as the body needs a rest.

Balance the sports with paella and booze mate...Everyone knows balance is important. :)

Absolutely. @sulayr has gone to her Padel training, I'm at home with pizza and beer - Balance :D

That looks awesome. So many barrels indeed. I didn't realise they works mark the export country in advance!

Would be a decent lockdown hideout. A nice temp and copious entertainment!

I think the room with the emblems on the barrels is more for show than anything else, and they missing a fair few countries as business has boomed.

That would be a deadly lockdown hideout!! Lol!

Amazing place man.
Did you have the chance of tasting any of those juices?

Oh yes,we got to try around 10 different types which made the tour a little hazy to recollect!

Good Morning Ash, I loved the pics, especially the grape vine covered courtyard.
I'm curious, you said:

The Sherry is aged in 6 huge buildings that have been renovated to suit the temperature and humidity required to produce top notch plonk.

Yet when I looked up the term PLONK, wikipedia said:
"Plonk is a non-specific and derogatory term used primarily in British and Australian English for cheap, low-quality wine"
Colour me confused, but pleased with your post. Well done @abh12345

Haha, I didn't know that was the term for Plonk - it's a word my grandad used for stronger alcoholic drinks - I'm not sure if he was stating cheap and low quality!

The yard is a great opener for the Bodega, it gave me a positive feeling for the place which certainly didn’t disappoint.

Thanks for stopping by 😁

hello dear friend @ abh12345 good day
How much history there is in that place, I appreciate that you let us know these images and make us participate in the tour through them
Enjoy your vacation. Thank you very much for these beautiful photographs

A couple of hundred years as a Bodega and even more I guess before the buildings were converted. Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

That courtyard is in my photography dreams! Want, need!

Someone with an eye and a decent camera would have a field day in that room!

Nice photos! I'll share your drink from here! 😀

Cheers! !BEER

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Nice! So many barrels! Enjoy your trip!

Hey Asher, long time! Nice photos and I guess there's something special about Spain in general that keeps taking you back :). Pic below of Flame and me trying to get into Spain from Portugal mid June (and being turned back at the border - twice!).

Hello there!

What was the issue with getting over the border? I assume Covid related?

Enjoy your travels :)

Yep, ie Spain borders shut. We ended up walking to the next crossing (border being the Minho river), 10 miles east of Valenca, and being issued a 'transit document' 😆. Been back in Scotland since July.

Looks like a really cool tour. The barrels being black is pretty neat. I've never see that on any tour that I've been on. They've always been a standard oak wood color. Though, I've only ever been on wine tours and they were always in Canada, so I'm not that experienced in Sherry making, to say the least.

I really enjoyed it, and not just because of the 8-10 glasses of sherry that were offered. I wonder if the barrels were originally lighter brown but the level of humidity (the place is dampened daily, or more) and their age has changed the appearance. Thanks for stopping by :)

Hmm, I'm not sure. Could be the humidity. I know in whiskey aging sometimes the barrels are charred first. That could be the same for sherry???

I love those living roof's and arbors. They are great at filtering the sun and its heat. I always wondered what bodega meant, now I know it is cellar. Now I kind of understand how Bodega Bay got its name in California. it is in wine country and it was not easily accessible from up on the cliff when first found.

You are right about the heat, the temperature dropped a good 5c as soon as I walked into the place - through two sizable, open doors.

I love how the light enters the small spaces where there are no leaves.

It's a great feature and an uplifting start to the tour :)


There's a Spanish colonial town a few minutes away from where I live called Antigua Guatemala. The architecture is VERY similar!