“The Secret Network of Nature” by Peter Wohlleben.

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I must admit that after reading "The Inner Life of Animals” which, didn’t steal my heart, I was very reserved for another publication by the German naturalist Wohlleben. This time the author does not focus only on trees and forests, he goes much deeper. He tries to discover the secrets of the interaction of living organisms. He emerges from his comfort zone, which is undoubtedly his forestry farm, and goes much further. We have information from the Yellowstone Park, Spain or Norway. Wohlleben tries to bring the reader closer to the problem of human interference in nature, which can change entire ecosystems. It draws attention to organisms as small as earthworms or woodworms, but does not forget about large players - wolves and deers. Everything is imbued with a vital care for the meadows and forests around us, for nature, without which the man will quickly disappear.


Unfortunately, this time Wohlleben brings everything to the trees in a typical way. In many moments, the book repeats whole passages of the previous publication. And when it was really promising again, the song known from "The Hidden Life of Trees" begins. I must admit that I will not reach for any other book of this author.

Peter Wohlleben is undoubtedly an enthusiast, a man who is not indifferent to the fate of nature. I think it's good to publishing book like this. I read his works from the point of a conscious man and I think that he was familiar with the subject, so he could not surprise me and not seduce his narration. I am simply not the recipient of his books, but I see in them the potential for a young reader. The language is accessible, it reads and flows smoothly, and the information contained in the text is not overloaded with professional jargon - something perfect for young naturalists! But I’m disappointed I really was hoping for some good, fascinating reading.

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