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WOW, I mean, just WOW. My expression while reading this book was nothing short of “wow”. I know I am late to the party but I sure am glad that I am in the party eventually. While reading this book, I kept thinking to myself, “would I ever be as good at writing as the man”. When I say this book is almost completely flawless, I mean it. I feel I would not do justice to this book with this review but my excitement would stop me from writing it anyways. It had this cinematic feel to it during the course of my reading; It felt like a movie, each scene unfolding with excellent plot description. This holds the record for the best fiction book I have read so for; well I haven’t read a lot.:)


Before I started reading this, I was told that it would be one that’d really question my faith and everything in fact. I was told that I should have an open mind while reading it, and I thought to myself, when Have I ever not have an open mind? Still, I kept on smiling, the book leaving me in awe at every single chapter as I kept flipping the pages.



  • Author - Dan Brown
  • Title - Da Vinci Code
  • Genre - Fiction, Mystery Thriller
  • Published - 2003



Robert Langdon an Havard symbologist who goes to France for a talk he was suppose to give ends up being caught up in one of the most thrilling and breathtaking adventure. A curator in the louvre who he was supposed to meet was murdered in the museum and leaves a conspicuous but deep and intelligent code to decipher. He summoned Robert and with the help of the Curators grand daughter they try to decipher this code. Will them be able to locate an old but important document or would opus dei a sect of the church beat them to it?


The play was mainly in France, where most of the action happened. The play Started off in France then on to the Uk.


The play has numerous characters which makes for a well rounded story, but the main characters are; Robert Langdon The Havard Symbologist he was summoned by the curator. Sophie Neveu, the grand daughter or the curator who worked with Robert in their quest. Bezu Fache the police officer tasked with solving the murder case. Sir Leigh Teabing a night who dedicated most of his life to the study of the main topic of the book. Bishop Aringarosa, the lead of opus dei, hell bent of unfolding secret ahead of the ealier pair, Silas an albino monk who dedicates his life to the "work of God" after being saved by the Bishop, etc.


I honestly can not pick this one out. The book seem to have racked up criticism as much as it has with compliments. Reveal of a lost secret? Awareness? New world order? Who knows? Not me thats for sure.


I have my strong opinions about the book, but I think this is a beautiful thriller for anyone to read. Intense scene to scene planning, amazing plot development, beautiful storytelling, all makes up for a well written book. The information there in this book might be considered to some people as blasphemy or something and so for that sake I would not talk anything about it but its a beautiful story. It keeps you glued to the pages until you are flipping through them in maximum speed. Definitely one to add to the Library.

Thank you for reading. I tried not to give spoilers, :). Everything said herein are actually my own opinion. If there is anything I might have missed, misinterpreted or quoted wrongly, please point me towards it in the comment down below. Also, you could drop me your mail, so I could email it to you, its 34 pages, its free. Till next time.


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