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Hello, hey Hivers It's Thursday 16th of March and what a great time it is to chat about Bitcoin and AI let's talk about Bitcoin first Bitcoin BTC is an amazing decentralized digital currency that is here to remain, no matter what the haters say it's not bloody going nowhere. Today's 24-hour trading volume is 34 billion dollars and with a market of 486 billion dollars, it's doing well the market cap could easily get up to 10 trillion even 100 trillion in the future.

Bitcoin BTC price today is just above 25 thousand dollars this is a low price at the end of 2023 we believe the price could easily be 50 thousand or higher it could even do 100 thousand dollars who bloody knows

AI is also transforming the fucking world right now. AI is crazy it can find treatment remedies and cures for things that we have never been able to find and it can make quick decisions that are better than a person could and be so much faster and much more efficient than any
bloody person can and in many fields. We all need to discover more about AI and stay up to date with time and technology it's moving fast. AI is like the internet starting all over again, and it has so many more use cases. Just visualize where it will be five, ten, or even twenty years from now it will be fucking mind-blowing let me tell you for nothing!

At Bilpcoin, we like to bloody study and try new things and never get stuck in the past. As individuals, we all need to bloody evolve and learn we need to grow. So many individuals hate Bitcoin and AI with a passion, but they are both here to fucking stay no matter what all the fuckers say, so let's just stop fucking acting like big fucking babies and learn more about them both and fucking embrace them or fuck off and get lost joking don't embrace them you miss out.

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I really enjoyed the post and the video is very cool 👍🏾 @tipu curate