The crypto market is darting

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Hello everyone! It's the 14th of March the crypto market is darting great today! We're all feeling cheery and excited about the future of the crypto market. Here at Bilpcoin, we are so bloody committed to providing our users with the best experience possible. We are constantly innovating and striving to make sure Bilpcoin and Hive are the best they can be and as fair as can be. We acknowledge that all should be respected and that no one should abuse their power. As for the whole crypto market let's all bloody keep our fucking fingers crossed and hope for the best! Cheers to a bright future for us and the whole fucking crypto market! Online and in life, let's all remember that it never ends well for those who abuse their power online, so let's simply all be respectful and thoughtful to each other.

At Bilpcoin we would never dream of abusing our power, we don't downvote anyone, we treat everyone equally we believe that every person should be respected as it never ends up nice for people who abuse their power online because you can not hide themselves or the true facts forever On Hive a big figure has been publicly doxxed by another Hive user who was upset as we say at Bilpcoin don't abuse your power you never know who's watching so be nice

At Bilpcoin we are actively monitoring the abuse happening on Hive

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