Are you ready to online party?!

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Social media is an amazing tool, whether you want to use them as inspiration or as a marketing platform for your business! But I’ve heard from many of you who are just starting out that you find them intimidating.

So, let’s take a look together on some “tricks” & knowledge that I have accumulated from my experience in the field so far, on how to tackle down what might look like a mountain right now.

Ready? Let’s do this!

 Say my name, say my name..!

The first thing you need to do is to take a moment and claim the names in all your profiles. I mean it. Even if you don’t plan on utilizing them immediately, it’s important to secure them for later. It’s harder to deal with it when you are already two months in.

 Give. Value. First.

I believe that you need to give before you can get anything…
Is it Karma? Or is it hard work that actually pays off?
It’s the second in case you had any doubt!
So make yourself available, on social media or in real life and help, inspire, give value and answer as many questions as possible! It’s easier when you start small, you have a good overlook of what is needed and appreciated, and you’ll be ready when your business takes off to handle more responsibility for your audiences. But also, the audience will come to you if you offer help at the beginning!

 We are all in this together!

Be a part of & participate in the community you are trying to create. Again start small, start local, this way you can show the identity of the company and attract people who care about the same things. By starting big you not only risk getting lost in the competition but also you might be trying to please an audience that doesn’t belong to your view.

 Baby steps lead to great success

Start with the platform that fits you better, connect with your audience there and once you feel confident expand to other platforms. One platform can be hard enough to handle and extremely time-consuming when you are starting out. It becomes easier as time passes, but having to balance more than one, can be catastrophic, time & money-wise.

 Take it to the next level!

And when you find that platform, optimize it! Show your vision. Not only that but also make sure all your links and bios are on point. You’ll attract the right kind of people. If you do have other platforms, make sure you link them. You want to be easy to find, also direct the stream through all of your sites. *The more time you spend at the beginning, creating a reflection of you the less work you’ll need to put every day, explaining who you are to those who do not know you.

 Remember Bob the Builder?

At the same time, you want to focus on your FOUNDATION! Not on gimmicks. With the constant algorithm changes of the various platforms, it is easy to fall into the trap of bot strategies, or content distribution tactics, the truth is though, that this can be a risk while having solid ground beneath your feet can only help you in the long run!

 Stay a social butterfly

Even though it’s nowadays, possible, to have everything 100% automated, it’s not ideal. It might save you some time, but being social, interactive and present on your platforms, draws attention in. Social media relationships can still be strong ones.

 BE A-U-T-H-E-N-T-I-C

Find what makes you unique and show it to the world. People are going to be intrigued and will become involved in your brand. It may not sound easy, or maybe it sounds too easy, but trusting your self is all you need. You don’t need to be an expert to create something magical, and there is always a starting point with an opportunity to learn and evolve, so the fear of not being good enough belongs to the trash. *The biggest mistake one can make on social media is to be a copycat. Your audience is going to see through that.

 Don’t forget to: HAVE FUN

This leads me to my last point. Have fun with it… Authenticity derives from showing your own version of the world. Showing your perspective can only attract the audience that will want to join your world! So, are you ready to party???