Favorite Crypto by Country *Iran loves BTC, United States loves XRP, Japan loves ADA, China loves EOS, Brazil loves BCH*

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Favorite Crypto by Country

by @controllinghand

Iran loves BTC,

United States loves XRP

Japan loves ADA

China loves EOS,

Brazil loves BCH

Most people know about https://coinmarketcap.com/

The top 10 cryptos by marketcap are

I looked up each homepage website for each of these top 10 and then went to https://www.alexa.com/ to see what countries are visiting the most.

In the example of bitcoin you see the following

I found it very interesting for bitcoin that Iran leads in the most visits.

I did this for each of the top 10 cryptos then ranked each country favorite coin based on visits. In the example of Iran here is how they rank:

So in this case IRAN BTC rank #1 for the country and also they rank #1 in the world. So I add these two numbers up and divide by two to get an overall weighted rank of 1.5

I did this for every country and here is what I found:

In Summary here are the weighted world rankings by country

  • Iran BTC
  • United States XRP
  • Japan ADA
  • China EOS
  • Brazil BCH
  • South Korea EOS
  • India ETH
  • Germany ADA
  • United Kingdom XLM
  • Canada XLM
  • Hong Kong USDT
  • Nigera LTC
  • Turkey BCH