[ Bumper Lottery ] Weekly Lottery and last week Winners ! [ Bump Ahead ! ]

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Weekly Bumper Lottery

And winners of last weeks lottery!

We will first announce the winners and then share the
instructions of the next lottery.
Thanks for playing!

May the odd forever be in your favor.

The winners of last week !

1st Place @faruque
You won a free upvote worth 0.5 SBD plus you won 5 SBD strait into your wallet !

2nd place @ews
You won a free upvote worth 0.5 SBD

3rd place @apiprincz
You won a free upvote worth 0.5 SBD

congratulations to all the winners of last weeks lottery.
The prize has been transferred to @faruque.
For the free votes. We will refund you the money for the votes of one of your blogs. If you want a specific blog to be upvoted let us know in the comments or on Discord.

Join the @bumper Lottery / Raffle

We want to do more then just upvotes, and to show some appreciation to the users supporting bumper we are going to hold a weekly lottery!
Every Sunday we will hold the lottery and announce the winners.
There are multiple prizes to win every week.

  • 1st place = Gets 5 SBD + a free upvote.
  • 2nd place = Gets a free upvote.
  • 3rd place = Gets a free upvote.

As you can see not 1, not 2 but 3 winners every week !

How to join the lottery ?

Normally you need to pay to enter a lottery but not with this one !
However you need to do a few things before you can join it.

  • Upvote this blog with a 100% upvote !
  • Join our Discord Server Click Here
  • Resteem this blog !
  • Write a comment down below that you have done so.

Once you have completed the above 4 conditions,
you will automatically take part of this week lottery.

Thanks to everyone for the awesome support we have been given so far !
We were not able to do this all without you ! Lets keep Bumping !

Join our Discord server Click Here

  • Meet new people
  • Get real life support
  • Get FREE game keys
  • Join and fun community

And many more, Bump Ahead !:)


Done all steps
Hope to win
Best of luck to everyone entering

Entry confirmed!
[ --Helped by @swolesome-- ]

1st place! Its a fantastic day for myself. Best wishes for the bumper. I am with you and will be. You are so good guys in helping mind and everything.

I have resteemand upvoted once again. Please enter me in this time.

@faruque, ♪♫♬Ohh Happy Day ♪♫♬
Congartz with winning the lottery ":)

And yes you are added again for next week !
Thanks for the kind words and may the odds
be for ever in your favor.

(Damn love that sentence) hehe

--Helped by @Gyzimo--


@longcat, your entry is confirmed.
Good luck in the lottery :)
--Helped by @Gyzimo--

Done :)

@woodzi, your entry is confirmed.
Good luck in the lottery :)
--Helped by @Gyzimo--

Done !

@zvezdovica, your entry is confirmed.
Good luck in the lottery :)
--Helped by @Gyzimo--

Done : )

@chobanin, your entry is confirmed.
Good luck in the lottery :)
--Helped by @Gyzimo--

Heya Bumper
Never thought I'd see the day, but on Steemit I finally discovered my passion for lotteries ahahaha.
resteemed, discorded & upvoted. Wish I had more VP right now but I have been passing out many votes recently. Hope that is in order.

@paradigmprospect, That is no problem for us ;)
And glad you enjoy this lottery haha.
your entry is confirmed.
Good luck in the lottery :)
--Helped by @Gyzimo--

thaaaaaaaanks <3

Never knew I was missing so much fun here... Entered

@anaman, your entry is confirmed.
we are glad you like it buddy !
Good luck in the lottery :)
--Helped by @Gyzimo--

Done ! Thank you !

@funky-monkey, your entry is confirmed.
Good luck in the lottery :)
--Helped by @Gyzimo--

has been done.

You're in!
[ --Helped by @swolesome-- ]


Got you fam. You're good to go!
[ --Helped by @swolesome-- ]

I entered, thanks

Good luck to ya!
[ --Helped by @swolesome-- ]

please add me to the draw, Thanks!

Oops. Don't see you in our discord server. By chance are you using a name different than your steemit name?
[ --Helped by @swolesome-- ]

My bad, I should be registered now. Thanks

done :D

Done and done!
[ --Helped by @swolesome-- ]

Excelente, fomentando el crecimiento de la comunidad... entrando

You have been added to the lottery
--Helped by @gyzimo--

Thanks, @bumper! Congratulations to the winners of the lottery last week.

I have upvoted and resteemed this post to enter your new lottery. This article will also be featured in the @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Report for 05 Feb 2018.

You're in!
[ --Helped by @swolesome-- ]


Got you down!
[ --Helped by @swolesome-- ]

Done! I didn't get the memo that you have to do this every week so i wasn't part of last weeks lottery contest. Thanks to this platform, there's always a next time! :D
Thanks! @bumper

Entry confirmed!

[ --Helped by @swolesome-- ]


Entry confirmed!
[ --Helped by @swolesome-- ]


Entry confirmed!
[ --Helped by @swolesome--

done !

Need to resteem this post!

resteem done


What is your name in our server? I do not see you.
[ --Helped by @swolesome--

done. add me up

[ --Helped by @swolesome--

All done.

[ --Helped by @swolesome--

[ --Helped by @swolesome--

Done ...

@khalidjr11, You have entered after 7 days
of the start of this lottery.
Therefor we were not able to add you to this
current lottery.

Make sure to enter the next lottery before its Sunday !
[ --Helped by @gyzimo--]