Marketing in a new millennium

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When you are a producer of a good, in general, the physical and economic efforts of the company, are aimed at achieving greater production, and in many cases, a market study is not conducted. This can bring as a consequence (in countries with stable economies) low prices due to low demand. However, there are strategies, such as marketing, that can be used against these eventualities, and that should be considered when marketing the good or product generated.

Marketing, from the point of view of the consumer, is a business activity, whose main objective is to convert the needs of the customer-consumer into profitable opportunities, since it is based on the tastes, preferences and fears of the consumer. For this reason, this activity is designed to plan, fix prices, promote and distribute goods and services, in order to satisfy the needs of the client.

This millennium has placed a new expression on the marketing activity, since it is not about producing or manufacturing in the first instance and then seeing if there is a market or not for the product. This new marketing scheme discusses the fact of producing goods in traditional quantities for a given area, regardless of supply and demand, but on the contrary admits the need for study, in terms of price, distribution, improvement in service and behavior of the consumer to reduce the risks of sale.

From this perspective, marketing is placed at the beginning of the process, such as business planning, where the objectives are well defined and the market is observed as a goal. For this, the market must be segmented, through the marketing department, ensuring the positioning of the market in terms of the value of the offer and detailing the product in conjunction with the service, determining quantities to manufacture, distribution and finally communicate the value, making use of the promotion about the offer.

To know and make the right market choice, it is necessary to study its components, considering the consumer as its main element. Starting from there, we measure market growth, future demand and product profitability.

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