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I see loads of individuals striving to grow in business and other human social intercourse, the race is far above what one can term a rat race, we all want to succeed. We want to be on top of our game but forget there is a price to pay for an athlete to get the prize. There are lots to be done within our sphere for us to reach our goals. Nevertheless, we need to take cognizance of something.


The past does hunt, karma as popularly said is a bitch, it remains an insurmountable law of nature which though looks mundane but must be taken seriously. Before a brand becomes acceptable the person/persons behind it are the first thing to be marketed. So, how is your repute today and well have you been faring so far. The part to success could really be tough but having the people around you would make things a lot easier, just think about this. I don't think a once upon a time con man can do well marketing a billion dollars project even if he does it will require tedious effort of persuasion. I would like us to consider the current Twitter hack and how a lot of people fell for the scam, people fell for the scam not solely for the promised reward but because of the reputations of the account owners. Reputation has a huge role to play in the acceptance of a business and this is the actual reason why multinational companies spare no amount in signing worthy ambassadors to represent their business, its importance and implication can never be undermined.

I implore us to make our today a sellable product of tomorrow. Any person who sees success as a scalable ladder must pay immense attention to his/her reputation, it is what will be seen before the product or project itself. Let's endeavor to maintain a good repute and never allow the nasty activities of the day affect our person. A bad name has killed many great ideas and innovations. An evil a bad reputation has is that it might not only end with the doer of the ill act but got extended to persons attached to them. In essence, as you strive to grow a business empire today, please do strive to maintain a good name. There is this saying that a good name is worth more than silver or gold. Protect your reputation, do it jealously.

I can do all things through He who strengtheneth me. I am Sir.skillful.