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RE: BEOS: Proof That Jurisdictional Agility Is Needed

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I was going to mention Congressman Brad Sherman but you beat me to it right at the end there.

The funny thing about "banning cryptocurrency" is that they would do it the same way that they banned online poker: Make it illegal for the banks to process the transactions.

This would create a black market because demand for crypto would raise even higher if it's outlawed. More citizens would start buying mining equipment. More citizens would start paying cash for crypto off the books.

Once a decentralized way to turn fiat into crypto comes around a ban such as this would be laughable. In fact, it's already laughable because big corporations like Coinbase (Goldman-Sachs, Facebook, Amazon, Cisco, etc.) are already committed and forming political action committees in crypto's favor.

Did they learn zero lessons from trying to crack down on people using Pirate Bay to 'steal' IP? You can fine a bank for millions; you can't fine a person for millions; they don't have it. I guess those fools are going to learn all the same lessons the hard way. Seems like a good sign for us that they are incompetent dinosaurs.


Sadly the crackdown on online poker really did kill off most of the online poker players in the US :(

Yeah, but just wait for decentralized zero-rake poker.
Texas Holdem is going to come back in full force.
I can easily make $50 an hour if this happens.

There already is :P
Check out Bisq. The problem is that there is low liquidity which means less users which so on. But it getting more volume, now which is pretty good :)

Dether is another one that is suffering from a total lack of network effect.

Bisq is good but you need Bitcoin to trade.

Yep 😊

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